Top 10 Marvel and DC Characters That Are Almost the Same

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Marvel and DC (or “The Big Two” as we nerds call them) have a cornucopia of characters within their individual universes. 

And when you have that many, there’s bound to be some similarities. But sometimes, those similarities are too egregious to ignore. 

Here’s just 10 Marvel/DC characters that look to be cut from the same cloth.

10. Black Canary and Mockingbird

These two bird-named blondes are almost indistinguishable. Other than Black Canary’s (Dinah Lance) genetically enhanced vocal chords that is called “Canary Cry”, their abilities are the same –both are strategy-minded martial artists. 

Also, both of them are clothed in less clothes and are sporting big pirate boot cuffs when they actually want to be disguised. 

They look so identical that if it weren’t for Mockingbird’s (Barbara Morse) mask, you would think that they were the same person. The two of them are also involved in an unstable relationship with an archer.

Could one of them be a rip-off of the other?


9. Flash and Quicksilver

These blazing speedsters are both the fastest characters in Marvel and DC. But Flash’s strength is just of a normal human, unlike Quicksilver who has enhanced strength.

Pietro Maximoff (or “Quicksilver”), who came into view almost two decades after the Flash’s first appearance, is the son of Magneto. He is born with natural superhuman powers, and can run at roughly the speed of sound. 

While The Flash gained his abilities by accident and has the ability to run faster than the speed of light if he wants to.

8. Aquaman and Namor

These two are half humans who rule the Atlantis in their separate universes. Their backstories are nearly identical too – both of their fathers are human and their mothers are Atlantean. 

Even their powers and abilities are almost the same; the only thing Namor lacks is telepathy. Both have incredible strength, both have a trident, and both have control over sea creatures.

Even if Aquaman debuted two years after Namor, Aquaman gained more mainstream exposure because of the Super Friends cartoon where he was featured in the 70s; also, luckily for him, he is about to make his first big screen appearance.

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