Top 10 Manga That Met Its End in 2014

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Gadget Tsuushin published its Net Ryuukougo Taishou Completed Manga 2014 fan poll rankings.

Most fans who saw the news were shocked to see that "Naruto" did not secure first place. While no one doubts the popularity of "Naruto," especially when you consider the global fandom. 

Anyway, let's take a look at the top 10 manga that met its end in 2014.

10. Azumi (sequel series) by Yuu Koyama (18 volumes)

Its story concerns the title character, a young woman brought up as part of a team of assassins, charged with killing the warlords that threaten the uneasy peace in Feudal Japan in the aftermath of its long Sengoku civil war period.

9. Abu-san by Shinji Mizushima (107 volumes)

It tells the story of fictional baseball player Yasutake Kageura.

8. All You Need is Kill (Edge of Tomorrow) by Ryousuke Takeuchi and Takeshi Obata (2 Volumes)

All You Need Is Kill follows a soldier named Keiji Kiriya, who, after dying in a battle with extraterrestrials, is caught in a time loop that makes him live the same day repeatedly, allowing Kiriya to improve his fighting skills.

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