Top 10 Major Movies Roles That Were Almost Played By Nicolas Cage

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3. Tony Stark (Iron Man)

As early as 1997, more than 10 years before "Iron Man" was released, Cage had expressed his interest in portraying the Marvel superhero. Cage is a huge Marvel fan, and he even chose his stage name after the Marvel character Luke Cage.

Of course, the role went to Robert Downey Jr. instead, but Cage still got to play a Marvel hero later on in "Ghost Rider."

2.Aragorn (Lord of the Ring)

The "Lord of the Rings" films are beloved by so many, and a big reason for that is the strong and brave character of Aragorn. Before Viggo Mortensen took the part, Peter Jackson actually offered it to Nic Cage.

Cage turned it down because it required a 3-year stay in New Zealand, and he wanted to spend time with his family instead.

1. Superman (Superman Lives)

In the late 1990's, Tim Burton was working on a Superman film that would revive the franchise from the 1970's Christopher Reeve movies. 

The film never came to be due to a fight between Burton and screenwriter Kevin Smith, but set to play Superman and Clark Kent in the film was none other than Nicolas Cage.

Since then, Bryan Singer and Zack Snyder have both rebooted the franchise, without Cage.

Just imagine how these blockbusters would have been different with Nic Cage at the helm!

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