Top 10 Logo Parodies of Famous Brands

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Although Apple's iconic logo is the fundamental part of the hi-tech company, it's still pretty funny to see a very different kind of Apple

This is a crazy world we live in; we seek fun by screwing up things we see in our everyday lives, and this natural instinct serves the primary purpose for some creativists to twist professional and famous brand logos into something that are insanely funny, for sure.

10. Pepsi


Too much Pepsi could cause potential harm to our health, but only a genius could come up with this creative twist of the Pepsi logo.

9. HP


I’ve always wondered what HP stands for, until I saw this logo.

8. Burger King

Burger King 

Probably the best logo to educate us that burgers are bad for our health!

7. YouTube


There’s always a certain part in YouTube, where you shout this phrase to a certain video.

6. Starbucks


The coffee is strong in this one.

5. KFC


It seems that Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders have just ended their final fight, but apparently Ronald had the final victory.

4. Snickers


This logo could possibly create more buzz than the original one, especially when it’s featured on TV ads.

3. Myspace


Sad truth, but so true.


Clever twist by just reversing the smiley illustration!

1. Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows 

As newer systems have emerged, Windows has acquired the reputation of “Will work for a While.”

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