Top 10 Impressive Anime to Watch in the Summer of 2015

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With so many anime coming out in the summer of 2015, which ones are you going to watch?

It doesn't matter that the long expected Dragon Ball Super shares a poor animation quality, here are the top 10 anime recommendations that would definitely leave an impression as you watch it.

10. GATE

What happens when modern 21st century weaponry and technology is unleashed on a medieval society? That's just one of the questions that arise in GATE.

The show sets up an interesting premise about a clash of cultures and ideas.

In addition to showing just how devastating and vicious modern weapons can be when unleashed at overmatched foes, it also tackles the disconnect between old concepts such as "to the victor goes the spoils" vs. modern conventions regarding human rights.


If you're a hardcore fan for old-school manga and anime, "Ushio and Tora" will certainly float your boat.

This show follows protagonist Ushio Aotsuki, who ends up getting his hands on a sacred beast spear and unseals a powerful demon in the process.

Admittedly, it starts out with a "monster of the week" feel but starts to get more interesting midway.


To the outside world, Umaru Doma is a gorgeous and smart model student.

Underneath that perfect exterior, however, is an unapologetic, lazy slob who does nothing but play video games, eat junk food and drink cola when she gets home.

This happens much to the consternation of her poor older brother, Taihei, who usually ends up being the victim to "inner" Umaru's bratty hijinks.

The temper tantrums might be at turnoff for some folks but it's a pretty funny show with lots of homages to otaku culture.


The show is like a treatise on human relationships.

"Ore No Monogatari," details the love life of Takeo Gouda, a romantically awkward yet overall nice guy who typically has bad luck with women due to his humongous frame and intimidating mug.

The show is more than just a romantic tale, with the awesome bromance between Takeo and best friend and wingman extraordinaire Sunakawa Makoto being the most compelling part of the show at times.


What happens when you cross Iron Chef and shonen manga? You get Shokugeki no Soma.

The show follows protagonist Yukihira Soma as he attends the elite cooking school, Totsuki Culinary Academy, and tries to move up the ranks in order to be recognized as the top banana among all students.

The show keeps serving up some good laughs amid all the cooking action and is a pretty easy show to get into thanks to its ability to appeal across a wide cross section of demographics.


It's definitely in the running for most hilarious show of the season.

Asahi Kuromine in a mild-mannered student who wears his thoughts on his face and is clinically unable to keep secrets.

Naturally, he stumbles into a pretty important one involving the girl of his dreams, no less.

What follows is a desperate attempt to keep said secret.


The first episode was such a surprise.

If you find yourself being turned off by its cute-looking style or try watching it and feel super bored 15 minutes in, just keep watching.

Once you've watched the first episode, then feel free to decided whether or not you want to continue.


Are the staff members of Wagnaria actually showing signs of (gasp) progress?

That seems to be the case with season 3 of the Working anime, which chronicles the lives of a bunch of misfits and kooky characters working at a family restaurant.

A nice mix of hilarity mixed with touching moments makes this one of the season's favorites.


"Non Non Biyori Repeat" puts great effort in actually crafting wonderful stories that mix knee-slapping humor with really touching moments.

The show features a very likeable cast of characters growing up in a quiet Japanese town that's so small the local school only has five students.

At its best, it'll make you laugh out loud till your cheeks hurt then tug on your heartstrings when you least expect it.


Part epic bromance and part dark mafia story, Gangsta is a show that doesn't shy away from tackling the dark underbelly of human society, along with the glint and grime that come along with it.

Add serious themes such as crime, abuse, discrimination, prostitution, slavery, PTSD and addiction and you've got a pretty powerful story.

Which anime you’re watching in summer 2015? Let us know!

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