Top 10 Impossibly Creative Wedding Photo Ideas You'll Want to Steal

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Whether by accident or on purpose, wedding photos can either end up looking absolutely amazing (yes,we're talking about your epic Disney-themed engagement shoot, Jones) or just plain nuts. 

We’ve all been there for that random request on someone’s big day to try out this pose or that stance, but in the end we’re stuck wondering, “WTF, whose idea was that?” (for better or for worse).

Check out these 10 crazy and creative wedding photos to learn what you adore and what you’ll avoid when you say, “I do.”

10. Portrait Remake 

Seurat would be so proud of this wedding party remake of his classic, La Grande Jatte

9. Goofy Groomsmen 

Believe your eyes. This is nine different groomsmen, each one snapped with a more epic facial expression than the one before him. A must-frame memory, for sure.

8. Don’t Fight It

While we hope no one ever has to endure the agony of this for real, it’s a super creative way to play off the old stereotype that women drag men down the aisle. 

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