Top 10 Hottest Pregnant Celebrities in Hollywood

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The story of pregnant Sarah Stage who looks more fit than most of us do regularly  is one that’ll make us all hit the gym.

And the following Top 10 hottest pregnant celebrities will you want to be pregnant right now.

10.Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is an epitome of being classy, sexy and pregnant all at one time. An American actress, Olivia is gifted with radiant and beautiful skin. She is engaged to Jason Sudekis and together they have a son, Otis Alexander. 

9.Victoria Bechkam

Victoria Beckham have four children and she has managed to look super sexy in all her pregnancy. She is an image of classy and elegant mom. Though Victoria is the kind to hide her baby bump with a style, we still love her look. 

8.Kate Middleton

The public’s adoration went through the roof for Kate Middleton when it was revealed the Duchess was expecting our future heir to thrown. New parliament rules mean, be it a boy or a girl, Kate and Will’s first tot will be our future monarch.If there’s anyone who can rock out maternity clobber with style it is Duchess Kate. 

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