Top 10 Hottest Miss Universe Winners Ever

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Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new, and absolutely gorgeous Miss Universe!

It’s not an easy task for a woman to become Miss Universe and win the show as well as lots of appreciations, as the competition is usually very tough and only superbly cool, stylish, beautiful, bold and prettiest woman of the competition is entitled as Miss Universe.  

Here is the shortlist of the Top 10 hottest Miss Universe winners ever out of those hundreds of women and beauty queens who have had been blessed with this title so far.

10.Miss Universe 2013 Winner – Gabriela Isler


Hailing from Venezuela, Gabriela Isler is a beautiful lady who won the Miss Universe title in 2013. She became the seventh woman from Venezuela to be entitled with this. 

Her beauty, impressive smile and sharp features bound the judges to take the decision of presenting her with this prestigious title. Her popularity rose not only because of her beauty but also because she has proved that she is a talented celebrity.  

She is also a global spokes person in spreading awareness against HIV and AIDS. 

9.Miss Universe 2011 Winner –Rozalia Mancewicz 

She was born on 27th June, 1987 and belongs to Melbourne, Australia.  She has a polished figure and personality and this s why she was also awarded with the title of Miss Polonia in 2010.   

She has represented her country Poland in all the beauty pageants she has been in and has received much appreciation from both the judges and the audiences.  

8.Miss Universe 1989 Winner –Angela Visser

Angela Visser is known to be the very first Miss Universe of Netherlands. It was doubtlessly the spark of her beauty that made the judges of the show crown her with this title.  

Angela looks really beautiful in her pictures and when she won the title, she turned to televisions and film industries to initiate her career as an actress. 

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