Top 10 Hottest Female Super-Villains From Comic Book Movies

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What's not to like about movies inspired by comic books? (Besides the shitty ones, of course.) The explosion-filled murkfests keep us entertained while reminding us of our childhoods reading Marvel and DC.

Though all superhero movies inevitably include the obligatory hot girl, we're way more interested in the sexy super-villains than the good-girl love interests.

So when these superheroines (also some super-villains) are making a splash, we picked the Top 10 hottest bad girls from comic book movies. So see if your favorite villain made the cut...

10. Gianna Jun as Saya (Blood:The Last Vampire, 2009)

A 400 year-old, half-human, half-vampire, has never looked so good. We wouldn't mind putting our stake in her, yadadamean?

9.Svetlana Khodchenkova as Viper (The Wolverine 2, 2013)

This Russian beauty is used to steal the show as the serpentine villain using a razor-sharp bite. Sounds interesting?

8. Kelly Hu as Lady Deathstrike (X2, 2003)

Lady Deathstrike is Wolverine's lady foe that he used to mess with. We're lucky our psycho ex-girlfriends don't have adamantium claws.

7.Jennifer Garner as Elekyra (Daredevil, 2003)

Elektra and Daredevil could never make their relationship work because they were kind of enemies. We'd be the bigger man and make peace if our rival was that hot.

6.Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy (Batman&Robin, 1997)

The rash we would get from her is worse than any venereal disease, but we have a bottle of calamine lotion handy!

5.Dania Ramirez as Callisto (X-Men: The Last Stand, 2006)

She plays the leader of the Omegas and Storm's mutant enemy. Battle scenes with Halle Berry? Are we dreaming?

4.Michele Pfeiffer as Catwoman (Batman Returns, 1992)

One of our favorites, she can do no wrong.

3.Rebecca Romijn as Mystique (X-Men, 2000)

We'll let Rebecca give us blue balls...literally.

2.Angelina Jolie as Fox (Wanted, 2008)

You'd think we'd get sick of seeing her in so many action movies, but it never gets old.

1.Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow (Iron Man 2, 2010)

Of course Black Widow is the hottest.

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