Top 10 Hottest ESPN Body Issue Photos That Are Nice to Look at

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Do you want to see some abs and some butts today? 

Well, you are in luck! ESPN has released photos of the superstar athletes who will appear in/on the covers of ESPN The Magazine‘s seventh annual Body Issue. 

If you’re unfamiliar, The Body Issue is all about naked athletes being naked and there’s your favorite superheroes being naked as well. 

It’s different from Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue because the naked people are showcasing impressive displays of athleticism. It’s pretty damn empowering. Also, it’s just damn pretty.

These are the Top 10 hottest Body Issue photos that ESPN has shown us so far.

10. Jamie Anderson

From her beauty to her personality, there are plenty of attractive things about Jamie Anderson when she is competing. 

Anderson is an American snowboarder and was named 2012 ESPN Best Female Action Sports Athlete. 

In 2014’s Body Issue, she was in the snow and looked right at home, sporting the usual gorgeous smile her fans know and love.

9. Kenneth Faried - Basketball

Power forward for the Denver Nuggets Kenneth Faried entered the NBA out of Morehead State University. 

Combine a man who looks like a greek statue with flowing dreadlocks and ask him to go up for a dunk and this is what you get. 

It’s a fabulous showcase of an athlete at work. The lighting and motion in the photo are top notch.

8. Hilary Knight

While the world may go nuts for snowboarders and surfers, many men have a special place in their hearts for hockey players. 

It may be a weird thing to say but there is something indescribably hot about a girl who can fire a puck at someone’s head. 

Hilary Knight is one of the United States’ finest female hockey players, but she looks better and better as the gear comes off. Cute eyes, long brown hair and a killer smile go great with a body like that.

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