Top 10 Hottest Cartoon Characters You Most Certainly Wished Were Real

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Hot ladies in cartoons are as popular as hot models nowadays. 

If you ask comic book fans, they are even better – they look amazingly hot, and they kick ass – a killer combo. 

We all loved them, and we still do. They are fictional, but you’ve got to admit that they would be incredibly sexy if they were real. They were drawn perfect, with no real-girl flaws and they can make your head spin around. 

So, make yourself comfortable, let your imagination run wild, here are the heroines you most certainly wished were real:

10. Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine, the cute Arab princess from Aladdin, was every boy’s first love.

The glossy outfit, curved body, and eyes to die for – Jasmine would totally rule the fashion scene if she was real. 

Jasmine made the belly dancer dream real, and if she were real too, that would be a dream come true. 

All we can do now is to dream about this beauty and to wish to borrow Aladdin’s magic lamp, and to wish for, you know what.


9. Poison Ivy

It was so easy for Poison Ivy to be on this list. Just take a look at this body. 

She is a redhead, and everybody loves redheads; she wore leggings like 15 years before they were cool again, come on! She loves plants, and she is dressed in a leafy outfit, barely covering her intimate parts. She makes nature sexy. 

If she were real, she would be a reality star with her gorgeous curves and an odd, sexy personality. Nature would be pleased, and so would we.

8. Esmeralda

Sometimes she seems all innocent and cute, but Esmeralda is sexy as hell! 

Dark toned skin, brown eyes, slightly curved hair, and that dance. God, that dance. No wonder every girl wanted to be Esmeralda when this cartoon appeared, and every boy wanted a piece of her. 

If she were real, she would be a perfect example of fully natural beauty that never ages. When she spins those hips, our world revolves around her body; real or not, she is hot.

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