Top 10 Hottest Bikini Bodies In the World

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Mia Khalifa was just named the queen of PornHub, though she receives death threats because of that, still congratulations!

We’re not surprise about the news that Khalifa became the No.1. Come on, just look at her body, of course she’s the No.1.

And we’ve got something better for you: the Top 10 hottest bikini bodies in the world. Enjoy!

10. Selena Gomez


Disney’s little girls have all grown up now! After ‘Spring Breakers’, Selena Gomez posts this hot bikini picture on Twitter.

9. Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz has one of the best toned bodies in Hollywood. And didn’t she just look sporty and sexy in equal measure in ‘Charlie’s Angels’?

8. Jessica Alba


When it comes to the hottest bikini bodies, it would be a sacrilege to leave out Jessica Alba. Alba’s blue bikini from the movie ‘Into the Blue’ will go down in history as iconic.

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