Top 10 Hottest Actresses Who Voiced Cartoon Characters

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For some actresses, it can be hard to be seen as more then just eye candy.

Some of them have more than just beautiful eyes and a breathtaking smile. Some of them actually have very sexy sounding voices, which happen to be the perfect voice for animated characters.

10. Anne Hathaway - Jewel

Anne Hathaway is regarded as one of the most beautiful and biggest names in Hollywood. She provided the voice of Jewel in the animated film Rio, and its sequel, Rio 2.


9. Cameron Diaz - Princess Fiona

Despite being considered one of the hottest in Hollywood, Cameron Diaz is best linked to her animated counterpart, the ogress Princess Fiona. She voiced the role of Fiona in the incredibly successful Shrek franchise.

8. Kristen Bell - Princess Anna

The gorgeous and stunning Kristen Bell provided the voice for Princess Anna in the critically and commercially acclaimed 2013 Disney Film, Frozen. She is expected to reprise her role in a sequel to Frozen.

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