Top 10 Hot Female Celebrities Who Are Surprisingly Short

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Some of the hugest celebrities in “la la land” have a huge following. 

They’ve made massive blockbuster movies, and some of them even have egos to match. But when it comes to physical height they are surprisingly short

According to statistics, the average European or American male is 5’10” tall, but not everybody is average. Here is a list of 10 hot female celebrities who are shockingly short!

10. Shakira

Height: 5' 2"

Her belly-dancing has really distracted us all from the fact that she is muy pequeño. Her hips don't lie, but her 8 inch heels and mile high mound of hair make her height a lie! 

9. Eva Longoria 

Height: 5'2"

5'2" Eva Longoria made Joel McHale look like a giant (okay, he sort of is at 6'4") at the NBC Universal summer press day.

8. Ellen Page

Height: 5'1" 

5'1" Ellen Page looks like a child next to "Super" costar Liv Tyler.

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