Top 10 Hot Celebs Who Have Dated Real Girls Just Like You

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7. Liam Payne 

Everybody knows that Sophia Smith was totally Liam's childhood crush, so needless to say when they got together, it was pretty adorable!

6. Louis Tomlinson

Harry Styles actually played matchmaker for Elounor. 

“[Harry] worked with [Eleanor's] friend at a local bakery and then one day, Harry met up with his friend and Eleanor came along too, so that’s how we met,” Louis has revealed.

5. Luke Hemmings

Luke doesn't understand why some celebrities automatically rule out the idea of dating a fan. 

"Yes I’d date a fan. People talk about fans like they’re mystical creatures, but they’re just normal people," he said.

4. Hanson Brothers

Back in the late '90s and early '00s Hanson was everywhere. The hotties that make up the band (yes, they are still together) are brothers, in case you need a refresher, and they are now all married. 

The most interesting part is that Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson are all married to women they met at their concerts! Seriously, this is like every girl's dream come true.

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