Top 10 Hot Celebrities With the Biggest All Natural Boobies

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7.Jessica Simpson

Aside from having a killer set of pipes, this country lass is naturally endowed with a gorgeous set of gagas! Yehaaa! 

6.Halle Berry 

Aside from the fact that she's just generally hot all over, Halle also has a mad rack of 'rockets' that are totally for real! Who could forget those nude scenes from 'Swordfish' or 'Monster's Ball'...good on her for getting them out there! 

5.Katy Perry

Never has a woman made latex look so good! Katy Perry and her 'holy hoohas' are fully real...though it seems that not everyone appreciates them, the folk on Seasame Street recently canned an episode featuring Katy Perry because her Twin Peaks were just too big! 

4.Scarlett Johansson

This gal has got it going on...aside from being a seriously good actress, she also has seriously real 'watermelons' to match. Will still have no idea why Ryan Reynolds has let this one go? 

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