Top 10 Hot Celebrities Who Went From Fat To Fit

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For John Burton, the last three years saw him drop from 420 pounds to 160 pounds!

Though there’s a dark side to losing all that weight, his transformation is truly incredible.

Speaking of weight loss, here’s a list of the Top 10 stars who have successfully managed to lose the weight and keep it off.



The reality TV star from MTV’s The Jersey Shore lost 40 pounds only six months after giving birth to her first child. 

The secret? Determination and dedication, according to Polizzi. She said that if you want to look trim, you will. Polizzi works out daily with a trainer and eats healthy foods to maintain her weight loss.

9. Rosie O'Donnell 

In 2013, the talk-show host underwent vertical gastric sleeve surgery and lost 50 pounds as a result. But she also acknowledged publicly that the surgery was not for everyone and not a "magic pill." 

In a 2014 interview with People magazine, she said, "It's still hard. You have to risk your life, and you're in severe discomfort for a couple of months, and it forces you to modify your behavior when you haven't been able to before."

8. Kelly Osbourne 

During and after her stint on Dancing with the Stars, Kelly Osbourne dropped 70 pounds, and she is now looking better than ever. 

Osbourne acknowledged and quit her emotional eating habits while working out to shed the extra weight. 

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