Top 10 High-Tech Adult Toys for A Better Sex Life

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Let's talk about sex toys, baby. We've rounded up the latest connected sex toys for you to peruse. Some are connected to an app, some to a remote control. Check out these adult toys.

10. OhMiBod

The OhMiBod is the original music-driven sex toy in the company's line of high-tech personal pleasure products. You plug in your iPod and it vibrates to the beat and rhythm of your favorite music. You use the volume control to change the intensity of the vibrations.

9. Freestyle-G

The Freestyle G does exactly what you think it does: access all your pleasure spots, in tune with your favorite music.

8. OhMiBod Playlists

OhMiBod Playlists
As an OhMiBod customer, you can listen to and purchase OhMiBod playlists for your iOS device created by other OhMiBod users. Find them in the Apple iTunes Music Store.

7. Better Than Chocolate

Better Than Chocolate
Better Than Chocolate is a wireless, music-driven vibrator. When its wireless transmitter is connected to an iOS device, the vibe will pulsate to the music. Fun for couples.

6. OhMiBod the App

OhMiBod the App
OhMiBod developed the first app designed to remotely control vibrators. "Gone are the days of cycling through speed, intensity and pattern variations. With our app, users can change their experiences on the fly and in real time," says Suki Dunham, founder of OhMiBod.

5. Club Vibe

Club Vibe
More fun for couples, the Club Vibe is a wireless and USB-rechargeable remote control vibrator. It attaches to a custom, black lace thong, so no one knows you're wearing it. Take it to a party or a nightclub and let your partner control the intensity, via the wireless remote control.

4. We-Vibe 3

We-Vibe 3
The We-Vibe 3 is made for couples. It's fully waterproof, comes with a wireless charger base and claims to reach dual stimulation zones. It also comes with a remote control to change the intensity on the fly.

3. Kandi-Kisses

Bedroom Kandi is a high-end, intimate toy line by OhMiBod. Kandi Kisses looks like a lipstick, but is really a USB-rechargeable vibrator.

2. Lyla 2

Lyla 2
The vibration builds the moment the wand touches the body. It responds to a simple flick of the wrist or tilt of the palm by the person holding the remote control. Synchronized vibrations in the controller allow you to feel what your partner is experiencing.

1. Tiani 2

Tiani 2
The Tiani 2 is also for couples, designed for women to wear when making love. Tiani 2 can be controlled with or without the remote and, like the Lyla 2, is wireless and rechargeable.

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