Top 10 Harry Potter Villains Who Were Scarier Than Voldemort

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"Harry Potter" is sure to go down in history as one of the most memorable fantasy series of all time. And Voldemort is unquestionably one of the most evil and terrifying villains in pop culture history. 

But after you watch this amazing “Harry Port” parody of “Uptown Funk”, you would change your mind about the evil villain.

What’s more, actually there are some “Harry Potter”characters who were scarier than Voldemort. Just check them out!

10.The Dursleys

Vernon and Petunia were so cruel to Harry for his ENTIRE life, just because Lily and James were magical (and thus more awesome). That type of terrible parenting and general evilness cannot be ignored. Even though Dudley turned it around in the end.

9.Draco Malfoy

Oh Draco Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret. Generally an insufferable git the entire series, Draco is forced to understand how evil Voldemort really is, and makes a choice not to go down that path. Yay redemption!

8.Professor Quirrell

Quirinus Quirrell is the epitome of weakness and blind obedience. And really, if your master needs to share the back of your head in order to survive, best get out of that particular fan club.

7.Severus Snape

Easily the most beloved evil character in the series. He loved Lily Potter so much he was willing to sacrifice everything to protect her son; but if he hadn’t gone over to the Death Eaters, Snape may not have lost her to begin with.

6.Fenrir Greyback

He bit Remus Lupin and murdered Lavender Brown. Pure evil, we were glad to see him go.

5.Peter Pettigrew

Peter Pettigrew had the best of friends, but betrayed them because he was so weak self-conscious about his own personal failings. Peter deserved to be crushed by his own giant silver hand.


They suck out your soul and feed on happiness. They probably don’t send out personalized Christmas cards.

3.Barty Crouch Jr.

Even though Barty Crouch Jr. probably had a pretty rough childhood (would you want Mr. Crouch as your father?), his crimes were way beyond just acting out. He participated in the torture of the Longbottoms, kept Mad-Eye Moody in the bottom of a magical trunk, and basically led Cedric to his death. Not a keeper.

2.Bellatrix Lestrange

Legititmately one of the most insane and deeply evil characters in the Harry Potter series, Bellatrix has no redeeming qualities. She tortured Neville’s parents, and she KILLED DOBBY. NEVER FORGET.

1.Dolores Umbridge

As its been said, Voldemort may have been the biggest bad in the Harry Potter series, but Dolores Umridge was the most human evil - and thus the scariest. 

She represented everything wrong with people who are put in position of power and abuse it for their own personal gain. Umbridge discriminated against those creatures who were different, and was perfectly content to allow many individuals to suffer if it meant a smoother running system.

We have all met an Umbridge in real life, and that’s honestly what makes her the most evil character in Harry Potter - the fact that she actually exists.

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