Top 10 Greatest Super Mario Games of All Time

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Every Nintendo fan has his or her personal list of best Mario games. After all, Mario has been around for 30 years. 

So in order to celebrite this big anniversery, let’s take a look back at 10 of the portly plumber's best adventures.

10. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

Still the best portable Mario game, and one of the best Game Boy games of any kind, 6 Golden Coins is more of a spiritual successor to Super Mario World than it is the 8-bit games. 

That means a non-linear world map, levels that you can back track on if you want, a spin jump move, and an equivalent of the Super Leaf power-up (although here it’s a bunny suit). 

The level design is almost equally as good as its inspiration and although lauded at the time it’s a shame that the game is increasingly forgotten nowadays. 

This was also the first Mario game to introduce anti-hero Wario, with subsequent sequels making him the protagonist and morphing into the Wario Land spin-off series.

9. Super Mario 3D Land

Aside from Super Mario 64 DS, this holds the record of being the first 3D Mario title on a Nintendo portable. 

It utilises the auto-stereoscopic screen in clever ways with puzzle rooms and camera angles to emphasize depth; with the Super Leaf and a 2D / 3D hybrid design, it's an enjoyable slice of Mario on the 3DS.

8. Super Mario Bros.

The NES original that is the source of the 30th Anniversary, this title revolutionised home console gaming, platforming and propelled Nintendo to early success with the NES in North America, particularly. 

Played today it remains as a tight, challenging platformer with well known and much loved shortcuts for those keen to experiment.

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