Top 10 Greatest Movie Trees You Would Never Forget

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He is Groot. That walking, talking tree from “Guardians of the Galaxy” that partners with a gun-totting raccoon and only says his own name. Well, now he's finally going to star in his own comic book, thanks to Marvel.

Of course Groot is not the only one movie tree that we love so much. And here goes the Top 10 greatest cinematic trees:

10.Hangman's Tree in “Peter Pan” (1953)

As a hiding spot for the Lost Boys you have to admit that this isn't very practical. Hangman's tree screams out "flying boys hiding inside!" what with all the glowing entry points and its spotlit place in a clearing in the woods.  

But you have to admit that it LOOKS cool which is most of the point in fantastical places like Neverland. 

9.Tree in “The Tree of Life”(2011) 

The tree in "The Tree of Life" is metaphor for everything. It represents life, death, hate, love, death, the 1950s, dinosaurs, boyhood, Brad Pitt, the oatmeal you ate this morning, oh, and an actual tree. 

8.Mr Fox's Home in “Fantastic Mr Fox” (2009)


Admit it. You wished you were a tiny stop motion figurine just so you could also live inside it and wear those awesome minitature costumes and gaze at its stunning views of Boggis Bunce and Bean farmlands. 

7.Tree of Souls in "Avatar" (2009) 

I love "Avatar" and I am not ashamed. I shouldn't be so flippant. The attack on the Tree of Souls is just gut-wrenching, like a blasphemic desecration. 

6.Apple Trees in “The Wizard of Oz” (1939)


Along the yellow brick road towards Oz, Dorothy and the scarecrow meet a couple of trees that happen to be really stingy about people eating their apples. They’re just falling off anyway! And it's not like they can eat their own apples, that would be tree cannibalism. 

5.Toad Tree in Pan's Labyrinth (2006) 

Google Search "pan's labyrinth vagina" and be amazed at the many articles on the imagery of that gloriously symbolic tree that Ofelia passes through. 

4.The Womping Willow from “Harry Potter 

The Womping Willow from the "Harry Potter" series doesn’t dole out the life lessons like most of the other enchanted trees on the list, but instead throws left hooks like a cage-fighter if you get too close. Think of all the adventurers who were knocked out by the tree when all they wanted was some advice. 

3.Grandmother Willow in “Pocahontas” (1995) 

Sure, she dispenses wisdom as Old Lady Supporting Characters are wont to do. But she's more than just a stock character. She's a living woodland rosetta stone - imagine learning a foreign language just by standing under a breezy weeping willow listening to her humming "que que na-to-ra you will understand".  

Every shot of her is a fairytale beauty with deep blues, warm greens, mystical spotlights and peaceful serenity. 

2.Treebeard in “The Lord of the Rings” (2002) 

Treebeard is the leader of an ancient race of creatures called Ents. They are among the oldest living things in Middle-earth, and are usually peaceful, but when they get fed up with Saruman’s antics, they decide to march for one last fight.

1.Groot in “Guardians of the Galaxy” (2014) 

Ushering in our appreciation for pop culture foliage, this tree-like creature is a fighter for galactic justice with an unhealthy fascination for his own name.  

The character only ever utters one phrase ("I am Groot"), but gets a great amount of milage out of it, especially when he's smashing stuff.

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