Top 10 Goofy Anime Characters With Absolutely No Chance in Real Life

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Anime as a whole is just plain silly, and the disconnection from it to the real world is all too much apparent when you notice the odd things animation could get away with as compared to live-action. 

Characters that may be well flourished in a specific series could be totally hopeless in a real-world situation, like being hired as a store clerk or attempting to see a romantic-comedy in a theater. 

In light of taking the completely serious mentality away from anime, we present this rather very not-so-serious list to set an example of exactly how goofy anime characters would be when taken out of their natural setting and into our own reality.

10. Ui Hirasawa (K-ON!)

Preferences on how I want her to shut the hell up more often aside, I personally believe that Ui would have zero luck in being functional in the real world. 

It seems her only task in life is to feed her older sister Yui and tell her when to breathe and when not to over think while eating her toast, and without that, she simply can't do much outside of aimlessly wondering from senior center to senior center helping old folks. 

She may be fine if Yui were to also come to the real world along with her too, but I'd rather not that happen, simply because it'd be extra work for me to write a sad article on Japanator about a school shooting in Japan from people who get just as easily annoyed like we do.


9. Sawako Kuronuma (Kimi ni Todoke)

The charm from Kimi ni Todoke comes from knowing that no one in the world is as stupid and dense as Sawako. If I were to say that about a real-life representation of Sawako, I'd be asked to leave Japanator for making harsh remarks to a diagnosed mentally retarded girl. 

And the funniest thing about it? Sawako isn't alone in being dumb when compared to the rest of the Kimi ni Todoke universe, such as Kazehaya and the students of Sawako's high school for not seeing how beautiful Sawako really is. 

Well, at least Kazehaya has baseball as a back-up career in the real-world, and the students have functioning brains.

8. Gaku Manabe (FLCL)

One of the most important aspects in being successful and well appreciated in life, especially for a resume and while searching for a job, is a good reputation and an outgoing personality that make people recognize you and enjoy your company. 

You're probably asking yourself: "Who the fuck is Gaku?!". Well, he's the "SMOOOOCH" guy.

So much for a good reputation and being well-liked.

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