Top 10 Gay Friendly Countries in the World

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With the legalization of same sex-marriages last year in Brazil, France, England and Wales the total number of countries where same-sex marriage is legal has risen to 17.  

While modern trends seem to be pointing toward increased acceptance, there remain certain countries that are still enacting laws to restrict homosexual behaviour, often countries led by conservative religious practices, continue to enforce criminal penalties for homosexual acts.

Here are top 10 gay friendly countries in the world.

10. South Africa: Same-sex marriage legal since 2006

10) South Africa: Same-sex marriage legal since 2006

It was not too long ago that South Africa was getting attention for its discriminating laws. It now makes the list as the most gay-friendly African nation.

In a continent that contains many of the most anti-gay countries, South Africa was a pioneer in its legislation with relation to gays and lesbians.  Same sex marriage was legalized in 2006.  

9. The Philippines: 73% acceptance 

9) The Philippines: 73% acceptance 

The Philippines is a good destination for any gay person looking for an Asian country to visit.  

73% of its population, according to the Pew research centre survey, accepts homosexuality.  

This is obvious when watching the nations most popular talk show host Boy Abunda.  He is an openly gay man, who has been a fixture on the Filipino entertainment scene since the mid 90’s.  

8. Iceland: Same-sex marriage legal since 2010

8) Iceland: Same-sex marriage legal since 2010

Iceland has the distinct pleasure of having the country governed by an openly gay individual. 

Although late in the passing of the same sex legislation there is now a complete set of laws that ensure a peaceful visit.

Furthermore the law was enacted without opposition. The population is extremely tolerant with over 10% of the nations total population turning out for the last year’s pride festival.

7. Australia: 79% acceptance 

7) Australia: 79% acceptance 

Australia is a very exciting and accepting country.  79% of people surveyed were accepting of homosexuals in society. 

There is a long history of Australia and lesbian and gay rights.

Sydney has been named one of the most gay friendly cities in the world. Its annual three week-long Mardi Gras festival is testament to that fact.

It is known as one of the top events in the world and is testament to what Australia has to offer to the gay traveller. 

Australia is also a land of great natural wonders. The country would rank higher if it had a law with regard to same-sex marriage.

6. Argentina/Brazil Tie: First and second countries in Latin America to allow same-sex marriage

6) Argentina/Brazil Tie: First and second countries in Latin America to allow same-sex marriage

Argentina was ahead of all of its continental partners in terms of legalization and general acceptance.  It has recognized same sex marriages since 2010 and 74% of its population responded favourably to the survey. 

Furthermore Buenos Aires is an incredible destination for gays and lesbians, which are part of the city’s fabric.

Brazil fared much worst on the survey with only 60% of its population accepting of homosexuals in their society. 

In 2013 Brazil passed a same-sex marriage law, the second South American country to do so.  This coupled with the incredible gay and lesbian scene found in its big cities allowed for this ranking.

Rio de Janeiro is the place to be. A 2009 survey conducted by the University of Sao Paulo showed that 14.3% of the cities population is homosexual.

5. Germany: 87% acceptance 

5) Germany: 87% acceptance 

The German population is accepting of gays and lesbians. An impressive 87% Germans responded positively to the pew survey.

This is obvious by the numerous gay and lesbian festivals throughout the country. 

Many of which have attained legendary status, every major townin the country has some sort of gay pride event or festival.

All of which are very well attended. The only reason it is in the 5th position is its failure to have a same-sex law on its books.  Rest assured, however, as a visitor you will have a blast in Germany.

4. Canada: Same-sex marriage legal since 2003

4) Canada: Same-sex marriage legal since 2003

Despite its close proximity to the powerful US, Canada has been a leader in the field of gay rights for a long time. 

Same-sex marriage has been legal since 2003, as is same sex adoption and a ban on all anti-gay propaganda. 

80% of Canadians answered the Pew survey in a positive manner. The summer is a great time to visit Canada, with most large Canadian cities holding gay festivals and parades.

Montreal is world renown for its gay village, a definite destination to visit.

3. Belgium: Second country to legalize same-sex marriage

3) Belgium: Second country to legalize same-sex marriage

Belgium was the second country to legalize same-sex marriage and has established itself as one of the most progressive European countries. 

Although not part of the survey, Belgians are seen as pushing the envelope to bring legal rights to gays and lesbians across the European Union.

62% of Belgians polled believe that all the countries in the Union should be made to adopt same-sex marriage laws. Brussels has many gay bars, clubs and shops.

Some of the gay parties in Brussels attract gay and lesbians from surrounding nations.

2. Netherlands: First country to legalize same-sex marriage

2) Netherlands: First country to legalize same-sex marriage

The Netherlands was the pioneer in the area of gay and lesbian rights.

They were the first nation to legalize same-sex marriages and most of the population supports equal rights for gays and lesbians.

Although not part of the Pew survey a recent poll conducted in May 2013 showed that over 85% of the Dutch support same sex marriage and adoption.

Amsterdam has a wonderful gay scene, but many of the smaller cities also have a gay scene. 

Amsterdam’s annual Gay Pride week is world famous attracting over 500000 people to the famous Canal district.

1. Spain: 88% acceptance 

The nod went to Spain, not only because of its treatment of gays and lesbians but because Spain is the only one of the top three that was in the Pew survey, with results proving they are among the most accepting, as 88% of those polled were in favor of same-sex marriage.

The population on the whole is very accepting of homosexuality.

Just southwest of Barcelona lies the coastal town of Stiges,  known for its picturesque views as well as its men-only (swimsuits optional) beach.

A few minutes walk from the beach you can find yourself  dining at one of the many gay restaurants or unwinding at one of the many gay bars.

As for your stay, the hotels are all gay friendly.  It is clear why Spain ranked number 1 on our list!


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