TOP 10 Funny Soccer Moments on the Playground

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You have often heard about the perfection of the football players.

But apart from being perfect, they have their weirdest side which is seen when they are immensely involved in the game.

Let’s take a look on the top 10 unimaginable moments of world’s greatest soccer players.


By looking at this picture you can say that the players are tired of playing and one of them is resting on the other.

Also you can say that the resting one has given up the game by doing hands-up.

This is the tackling moment for both the players while chasing the ball and scoring it.


Scoring a goal is probably the happiest moment of players life and so is the winning that game in which he has scored the goal.

The players have different absurd ways to celebrate their goals.

Here is one of them, in which you can see the expressions of the players while they are doing their weirdest thing to celebrate the goal.


In this picture you can see the most awkward thing happening between the two players of Manchester United.

Paul Scholes is kissing Neville when he scores the incredibly awesome win against Manchester City.

This is one of the most ridiculously funny and weird moment in the history of football.


I wonder what happens when the players see their weird pictures after the game.

In this picture I guess the player was chasing the ball and ends up in this embarrassing position.

While the other one is loving this unpleasant position so he is kind of relaxing and enjoying this moment.


In the history of football this is the most repeated moment.

Opponent team players rips off the knickers of the other players just to save goals.

This picture also shows the same meaning of doing this tricky action.

I might say its for their defence but audience find it way more funnier than the defence.

This action can result in many different ways if you think worst of it.


Now this kiss is quite a surprise for the audience and also for those two players.

It’s kind of cute to enact this gesture in order to entertain audience other than the game.

These kind of kissing are happened usually yet so sudden and people aren’t expecting these kind of actions.

Same is the case with this picture, but it seems that they are restoring their friendly relation while playing game with an unharmful gesture.


Not only the game but also the game practice is also kind of funny.

See the pose the most famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, he has made it while practising for the game.

Many different poses are unintentionally made when players are playing the game in the ground.

See this pose, it feels like that the player is showering his blessings to Lionel Messi and also performing his Ballerina step while playing football.

These kind of photos are undoubtedly percepted in many different ways knowing the fact that those players are not even aware of their weirdest actions which are later listed in the history.


This picture depicts the lust of winning the game no matter what it demands to do.

If it’s even needed to climb up on the back of the opponent to save the goal, they will surely perform such actions for their defence.

Another strange position which slightly depicts that the players are trying to dance while playing the game.

They find it more interesting to pose as dancers and also as football players in the ground.

Many football lovers will cherish these absurd moments of their favourite players afterwards.


No doubt this is the most cranky position in which players can be tackled in the ground while playing.

Although they both were after the football but ended up in this freakish position which might be hurting.

Another bizarre position of the players.

Every football lover will surely know the cranky ways of Zidane to kick the ball if not then here is the one.

I am sure that this kick will hurt the opponent more than the ball.


Another famous football player Wayne Rooney is kind of paying regards to the ground after scoring a goal.

He bow downs on the ground to celebrate his goal, which was clearly not the plan of celebration.

Football is recognized as the most popular game with immense number of audience, and these funny moments have taken the game to another level.


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