Top 10 Funny Logo Fails That Could Get Someone Fired

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Logos help define company brands.

If done well, logos stick to the minds of customers, igniting instant recognition with the brand and products.

But sometimes logo designers seem to get a bit too creative with their ideas.

10. Bureau of Health Promotion

We're not sure what this logo is trying to convey, but apparently it takes three people sexually abusing each other to convey it. Can you help us figure it out? Give us your interpretation in the comments section.

9. Arlington Pediatric Center, Virginia US

This logo has apparently been changed since we discovered it, and for good reason. How comfortable would you feel leaving your child with the adults in this facility? Thought so.

8. Pizza Joint

The timeless italian chef holding a steaming hot pizza and sporting a luxurious moustache - that's pretty much what we've come to expect creativity-wise from the pizza industry. This pizza joint took things a bit too far, showing that size does matter - but not only that of their pizzas. Would you eat at this pizza joint?

7. Resident Evil 6

The Resident Evil franchise has been very successful in the survival horror genre of video games. For their 6th edition they decided to take the horror to a whole new level - mainly the horror of parents everywhere when they caught a glimpse of the new PC game's packaging.

This logo fail has us both confused and oddly aroused. We'll never look at giraffes the same way again.

6. Kudawara Pharmacy, Japan

Japan is one of my favorite countries. They never fail to consistently supply the world with hilarious oddities, and the Kudawara pharmacy logo is no exception. If anyone ever visits this pharmacy, please won't you tell me how the visit went. Was it as pleasurable a visit as it seems?

5. Islamic Understanding Institute, US

Apparently this logo is supposed to be a rendering of the Al-Farooq Masjid in Atlanta, Georgia. There might be a subliminal message hidden somewhere between the lines, but I was too focused on the boobies to notice. Assuming there was.

4. Chinese Restaurant

If you look very closely and squint your eyes a bit... you might see the sun rising up behind a house.

3. Ruben's Nuts

Sometimes you want a logo that shows your nuttier side. The designer for the Ruben's Nuts logo must have balls of steel for coming up with this forward-facing branding miracle. The next time you're looking for some nuts to munch on, I'm sure this logo will immediately pop up in your mind.

2. A-Style clothing, Italy

The clothing industry uses sex as one of their main marketing ploys. A-Style clothing took this idea to the next level when they incorporated this idea into their logo, albeit unintentionally. This logo fail is probably my favorite, because once you see it for what it is, there's no unseeing it.

1. Locum property management, Sweden

This Swedish company must not have one competent English speaker in its ranks. When they hired a logo designer to create a logo for a special occasion, he came up with this creative, heart-warming logo, which was promptly approved by all the board members. Unfortunately for them the message they were trying to convey got a little lost in the sexual innuendo.


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