Top 10 Funniest Kobe Bryant Ball Hog Memes

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There’s one record that Kobe Bryant is closing in on that he may not be so proud of. He needs to only 13 miss more shots before he becomes the NBA record holder for most shots missed all-time. Congratulations? 

It might be another evidence proving that Bryant is a ball hog, and here’s the Top 10 Kobe Bryant ball hog memes. Just for fun because this won’t stop Bryant from shooting or changing his game in any way.

10.At Least Nash Can Pass

Best friends or enemies? I guess this question will always remain unanswered. There can only be one great in LA and it’s Kobe Bryant. Thank god the Lakers brought Nash along, maybe he’ll be able to sneak in some assists to, wait for it… KOBE BRYANT.

9.Sit Down Pao

Pao, what has Kobe told you about begging for the basketball? It just isn’t very classy to do that on national television. He was in LA long enough to know that Kobe was God and God is Kobe. There is nothing else to it.

8.Photo Shoot Kobe

This spectacle is quite humorous. Not only must Kobe Bryant have the ball at all times off the basketball court, but he must also have it at all times PERIOD. Even photo shoots must revolve around the Black Mamba and the basketball. Who, knows maybe he “assisted” the cameraman with some great angled shots.

7.Stay Thirsty My Friends

The pubic has been waiting for this plot twist for a while. They have all seen Kobe give the ball up maybe once or twice, but they always knew there would come a day when Kobe would figure out how to pass the ball to himself legally off the back board. It’s ok Luke Walton, you might get a chance to touch the basketball one day.

6.Passing Nightmares

Kobe looks really distressed after the lack of sleep he has received the last few years. Having 24 assists in one game can be a pretty brutal experience for any basketball player and may even leave lasting traumatizing effects on the brain. Thankfully for Kobe, he was able to return to his normal ball hogging self.

5.Trust In Kobe

How many times does Kobe have to tell his teammates to stop shooting the basketball? He is the teacher of all teachers and the basketball player of all basketball players. Either he takes the shot or nobody does, understand?

4.Bad Student

It’s a shame that Kobe was such a bad student when it came to his studies. If only there was something different that he could have done to bump up his grades. There had to of been somebody out there willing to help him pass; on second thought, maybe not.

3.What Do You Mean Pass?

Kobe will never pass the basketball. His teammates really need to learn to just play their role on offense and assume the rebound position. Kobe is constantly giving his teammates tips on how to box out in order to retrieve every single one of his rebounds as this appears the only way that the Lakers will be able to win basketball games.

2.An Amazing Feat

This is perhaps one of the greatest moments in Lakers history. Kobe Bryant has finally passed the basketball and his teammates couldn’t be any happier. Maybe Kobe is finally starting to learn that he can’t do it alone.

1.Kobe Playing Around

Or…. maybe not. Gosh darn it Kobe, I guess he will never learn the true essence of teamwork. Someday Kobe will look back and wish he would have given someone else a shot, or he might not and just enjoy taking money baths and snickering in his wealth.


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