Top 10 Funniest Gintama Arcs Need You Attention

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There will be minor Gintama Spoilers!

Here are 10 funniest Gintama arcs need you attention. 

10. Love Choriss

Kondo is such a stalker, Sougo is such a sadist, Ayumu has such a strange fetish.

It was also hilarious towards the end with Gintoki making illusions to make a heaps ugly woman pretty and then he well, you know what he does if you’ve seen it…


9. 2 Years Later

Everyone changing was hilarious, especially how Kyubey got balls attached after deciding to move on after Otae gets taken and for some reason Katsura had his balls removed.

The best scene had to be the end though, in about a minute they manage to troll us so well with an unexpected plot twist and then they end with a great out of nowhere parody. Probably the best season premiere of all time!

8. Owee

My favourite scene had to be extremely random dating sim, who would’ve thought we’d see a girl rushing to school with a swordfish in her mouth instead of a piece of toast?

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