Top 10 Female Celebrities Who Look Awesome With Beards

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Well, today we’ve seen a bearded man dressed as a "kawaii" idol, then we thought it would be funny if our hot female celebrities with beard.

So here goes the Top 10 female celebroties who look awesome with beard.

10.Fearne Cotton with a Beard

The ex-”Celebrity Juice” star left the show due to the birth of her child (it seems even the stars get maternity leave). Well, that’s what we were told. 

What if she in fact left the show so she could live her long lost dream of being able to grow a beard and then being able to go about her house lunging while looking at her new beard in a hand mirror?

9.Rachel Weisz with a Beard

So that’s what Rachel Weisz would look like with a beard. 

The Mummy star that’s in the first two movies but not the third, even though her character is, so it f#cks everything up, looks like she means business with her bushy beard. 

We wonder what spouse, Daniel Craig would say if she came home one day with this god-like beard.

8.Jessica Alba with a Beard

Does anyone remember Jessica Alba from the movie Fantastic Four? We are sure you do. 

Anyway, her superpower should have been the ability to grow facial hair at will. As that’s definitely a superpower that would come in use from time to time.

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