Top 10 Female Body Parts Men Find the Sexiest

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7. Hair

A woman’s hair is often thought of as a defining feature, and there’s something for everyone.

Some men love brunettes, while many ‘prefer blondes’. Some men love long, luscious hair tickling their skin and others are really attracted to a woman with a short, sophisticated bob that says “I’m fierce and independent”. Some guys have a thing for those fiery redheads.

Either way or whatever you’re into, you’re going to be into your girl’s hair.

6. Hips

A girl with hips who flaunts them is just proving to men that she knows how to move, and there’s nothing a guy finds sexier than that.

Surveys also showed that men prefer women with curvier hips – the more meat the better. If you got that little V that pops out when your shirt rises a bit, make sure to show it off.

5. Smile

A smile is a really powerful asset and not many men are able to resist a beautiful smile from a woman.

Men surveyed have actually suggested that they’re most attracted to a woman’s smile because it shows that the man is making them happy – and after all, the male ego loves to be loved!

4. Lips

Fuller and plumper looking lips really make a man take a second glance.

Don’t be mistaken though – most men don’t dig really bright or dark shades of lipstick that call the attention away from the rest of your face.

Keep it simple, and let’s face it, guys will just use their imagination on this one.

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