Top 10 Female Body Parts Men Find the Sexiest

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It’s a sad fact that many, many women are plagued by insecurities about their body based on what they think a man is looking for – or looking at – the most.

It’s true that the male of the species is programmed to be a tad superficial, looking for certain physical queues in a potential female mate. 

The queues? Indications of fertility like big lips, wider hips with a narrower waist and even shiny hair, all of which indicate fecund youth.

However multiple surveys of men have shown a different, more surprising list of body parts that women have probably never given a second thought to. 

10. Feet

Feet aren’t usually the first thing that come to mind when you think of “sexy” but nevertheless they’re commonly listed by a lot of men as a turn on.

Seeing a woman in heels, or with their toes painted a cute, vibrant color can really get some men going. Small, slim ankles are also apparently appealing and the fact that women’s feet are so much smaller (and, let’s face it, less troll-ish) than men’s are also factors in the allure of a woman’s feet.

9. Back

The back is probably a less fetishised female body part than the feet are; sexy, curved backs frequently appear in hot photo shoots and backless dresses can make men crazy.

Stretching out and arching your back can probably be enough to make most men hot under the collar. Add in a tattoo, especially near the shoulders or lower back area, and you’re golden.

Tattoo or not, though, most men will find some aspect of their woman’s back very sexy.

8. Stomach


All men love a fit woman. The stomach was listed by almost every male in every survey compiled here as one of the sexiest body parts.

They’re attracted to the softness of the skin in the torso area and most men said they love some ab and muscle definition but not too much – they want to see a little feminine curve there. That’s always refreshing to hear.

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