Top 10 Favourite Female Anime Characters From Danganronpa.

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We decided to do us top 10 favourite female Anime characters from Danganronpa.

10. Peko Pekoyama

She was very loyal and we really appreciated her character because of it and she also is one of the Danganronpa characters that we ship since we only ship a few of them but we defiantly ship her with Fuyuhiko.

Her character design looks pretty cool and she has a pretty intense personality.

Peko looked pretty intimidating with her red eyes but at the same time looked pretty badass as well.

She is also a very intelligent character and is not topically someone that should be messed with even if her sword is only made out of bamboo.


9. Celestia Ludenberg

Her character design is okay and her hair is pretty cool , but her personality is something that stands out since it just seemed to me that she was holding back anger being that calm and when she bursted into a rage we just saw it coming but was surprised by how angry she got even giving the rest of the students the middle finger.

Celes is definitely a good liar because of her ultimate talent and is very strategic and usually thinks things out and that is something that we definitely like about her character.

She is one of the characters that see nothing wrong with the killing game and just adjusts to it quickly and learns to live with it which is a bit messed up but at the same time another thing that we like about her.

8. Junko Enoshima

We really liked Junko and we thought she was just awesome especially with how she kept getting bored of her personalities and kept switching them we thought that was something that was under hung we hadn't seen before with a character so we definitely found it interesting.

we really loved her character design and it just went with her character so well and is one of my all time favourites in anime just because it looks so awesome.

Junko is pretty twisted but still really lovable and we just really liked her character a lot and she is definitely one of us all time favourite female anime characters and she is just a really well done character overall.

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