Top 10 Fantastic Non-Celebrity Instagram Users You Should Follow Now

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If you’re bored at the office and don’t know what to do (besides work, ugh), Chris Limbrick and Francesco Fragomeni have got you covered. 

If you’d like to follow along with new images added to the series, follow them Instagram account, “foolsdoart”

And here are another Top 10 fantastic non-celebrity artists who used Instagramro showcase unique visions and exquisite works. Follow them right now!

10.Mark Hunter (@mkshunter)

Mark Hunter creates brilliant Lego-based photo comics inspired by his and his friends' lives. His inventiveness and ability to create something interesting out of daily situations, or spice them up with a bit of imagination (sample: Santa saving the Hobbits) is truly inspiring as well as being a lot of fun.

9.Jane Samuels (@janesamuels)

This British artist believes that 'home is where the dusty, damp swelled heart is' – which she finds within abandoned houses, schools, hospitals and asylums.

Through her photography she opens our eyes to neglected, forbidden and unseen places, which become part of an interactive exhibition – The Abandoned Buildings Project and The Abandoned Shop of Curiosities.

8.Darryll Jones (@darrylljones)

If you're looking for a more humorous take on the world, Darryll Jones' feed is your answer. The South African is best known for his amusing shots of toys, with pithy captions; he also posts work in progress.

And it's also interesting to see how he's turned Instagram into an advertising channel for his printed sneakers.

7.Dave Yoder (@daveyoder)

Dave Yoder is a regular photographer for National Geographic, which means his Instagram feed can feature anything from a raptor trainer in Abu Dhabi to a bounty hunter in Indianapolis. His photos are an excellent study of the beauty, fun, and fear human beings experience in their everyday life around the world.

6.Jussi Ulkuniemi (@skwii)

Stark surreal landscapes and haunting portraits make this feed stand out among the rest. Jussi, a young artist out of Finland, creates a semi-lucid experience in his feed that captures playfulness, light, and solitude through the high contrast haze of a dream.

There’s a unique and singular vision on display here and if this is what Jussi has to offer at such a young age there’s no doubt his skills will grow exponentially more impressive and eye catching.

5.Cory Richards (@coryrichards)

A climber for North Face and one of the top adventure and expedition photographers in the world, Cory Richards’ Instagram is one that comes highly recommended. His feed features a nice selection of photos displaying everything from the harsh trials of Mother Nature’s mountains to the unique beauty of Indonesian spear fishing.

Clearly this is a feed that will stand out between pictures of what your friends are drinking at the local bar on a Friday night. And if his work happens to looks familiar it’s because he’s also been featured by the likes of National Geographic.

4.Timothy Mcgurr AKA 13th Witness (@13thwitness)

If only we could all see the world around us with the same keen eye for amazing patterns and awe inspiring symmetry as Timmothy McGurr aka 13th Witness.

The way he lays out the cityscape and urban sprawl of every day life can have you thinking we live in a perfectly planned utopian metropolis one minute and staring into the dead eyes of urban decay the next. His gift is definitely one to take note of, and if you end up as a fan I strongly urge you to check out his website where he expands upon his Instagram feed with his other equally impressive work.

3.NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (@nasagoddard)

Boldly taking their smartphone where few, or really no one, has gone before. The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center generously share gorgeous shots of natural phenomenon, Hubble captured galaxy-scapes, and even portraits of the alluring “Mohawk Guy” from the Curiosity Rover Landing.

2.Theron Humphrey (@thiswildidea)

Okay, we admit it – Theron Humphrey's lovable pooch Maddie really swayed this one for us. But whether you're an animal lover or not, Humphrey's ability to capture moments like this is truly inspiring. He's also won National Geographic’s Traveler of the Year Award.

1.Mike Kus (@mikekus)

Leading graphic and web designer Mike Kus was one of the first designers to start using Instagram, and it shows in the incredible amount of followers he's amassed.

Examples of projects he's posted on the app include a backstage shoot for Burberry at London fashion week and a collection of shots from Sicily for O2.

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