Top 10 Famous Farts Live on TV

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Fart may be embarrassing for most of us.

But it might make you feel better to know that it’s one of the most common bodily functions. Not only did we fart, famous people also did that.

Here are the top 10 famous farts live on TV.

10. Doocy Gretchen

Doocy Gretchen is a news anchor on Fox News.

What happens right after is shocking. She was most likely too embarrassed about the act.

9. Fitness Trainer on Fitness TV

Doing such hard-to-do exercises can be quite difficult on your body — all you can do is ‘let go’ in certain situations and that is exactly what she did!

8. Jennifer Lopez

During American Idol Season 10, Episode 7, Jennifer Lopez let out some unwanted air.

The judges’ and contestant’s reaction was speechless.

Check how she tried to change the subject quickly to distract the viewers from what she had just done.

7. Hillary Clinton

When Hillary Clinton farting during her Presidential interview, she was left stumbled.

She was not able to answer the questions without thinking of the drama she caused.

The fart really didn’t deserve a response.

6. Regis Philban

In this video clip, Regis Philbin, former co-host of Live with Regis and Kelly, appeared to be fighting some flatulence and thought he could just let one out quietly.

But his body mic picked up the stink. Kelly’s laugh is priceless because she never saw it coming.

Regis, where are your manners?

5. Larry King

The topic was grim. Israel just entered into war with Lebanon. Middle East was again in midst of war.

Unfortunately, Larry King could not keep his calm and let out a sound that resonated with the studio.

4. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has been involved in a lot of controversial acts.

The issue with flatulence is the least of his problems, if you ask me. I wonder how he’s resisted losing fame with such publicity?

3. Woman at the Supermarket

Don’t you hate one of those people who sit next to you and all of the sudden let out an odor that you can’t feel but puke over?

Here’s how this story begins. You can’t even move because you have a boss who refuses to believe you.

2. Student on Newscast

“Oh my goodness!” A naked student farts past a news reporter. I wonder if this was done for publicity purposes?

Perhaps the student wanted to make a point.

1. Rahm Emanuel

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel slides his coffee cup in an unfortunate way in the beginning of this video from the Charlie Rose Show.

What a pause?!

(source: mixtopten)

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