Top 10 Families Famous of Polyamorous Relationships

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There are two forms of polygamy.

One of them is when a man marries more than one wife, which is polygyny, and the other being polyandry which is when a woman has more than one husband. 

Now we are counting down the top 10 families that are famous of their polyamorous relationships.

10. Gay Three-Way Marriage

A trio of gay men named Joke, Bell, and Art tied the knot in Thani Province, Thailand on Valentine's Day 2015.

Joke and Art had originally been dating when they met Bell at a party.

The three fell in love and when Bell was hospitalized with an unnamed disease, they decided they would marry.

Since Thailand doesn't allow same-sex marriages, they held a symbolic Buddhist ceremony and claimed to be the world's first gay married threesome.

9. Twins Date One Man, Get Surgery To Look More Alike

There's not a lot of sleeping going on at night Perth residents Anna and Lucy DeCinque are identical twins that share everything their job, their car, and even their boy toy, Ben Byrne.

They also wanted to look more alike and have shelled out over $240,000 for surgery including lip fillers and breast implants.

The threesome live upstairs from the twins' mum and from what gather from the reports  must make quite a bit of noise during the night.

8. Man With 2 Women, 1 Baby Each

Melinda and Dani Phoenix were a lesbian couple living in California who decided they wanted a man in their lives.

A couple of months later, they met Jonathan Stein in a building class and both quickly fell for him.

They confessed in a romantic letter that they wanted him to join them in their relationship.

Jonathan naturally said yes, and was soon living with the pair, impregnating both within a very short period of time.

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