Top 10 Fake Viral Photos That Totally Fooled People Before

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The internet is an incredible place, often filled with beauty, wonder and truth.

It can also be a cesspool of lies. Today we have another instalment in our ongoing series of photo debunkings. You may have seen these photos swirling around the internet, but none of them are quite what they seem.

10. Is this the photo from the top of World Trade Centre?

The infamous World Trade Centre "Tourist Guy" was actually a Hungarian man who edited a picture he'd taken years before as a joke for friends.

9. Is this the full moon as seen from Australia?

Australia is a gorgeous country, filled with cute animals, gorgeous sunsets and stunning night skies. But this photo purporting to be a full moon in Australia is a bunch of hooey.

8. Is John Lennon playing guitar with Che Guevara?

Can you believe John Lennon once sat down for a jam with the famous Cuban revolutionist and guerrilla leader? Well, you shouldn't, because he didn't.

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