Top 10 Exceptional Dads Who Deserve "Father Of The Year" Awards

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So you think your dad is awesome? Maybe so, but these dads have gone above and beyond to show their children just how much they care.

One dad has the best response to son’s Little Mermaid doll; another dresses up in different costumes every day to see his son off to school.

While we’re not sure which of the following dads deserve the "Father of the Year" award for 2015 , it’s not too much to say that they all deserve to be the apple of their kids’ eyes.

10. This Dad Grooving at A Concert.

The video says "embarrassing" dad. Nay — I say awesome dad. I mean, check out that sweet 'stache. Who wouldn't want to groove with him?

9. This Dad Drew Different Art on His Kid's Lunch Bags Every Day Since 2008.

David Laferriere is a graphic designer at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, and he certainly puts his creative talent to use.

Every morning for over five years, Laferriere decorated his kids' plastic sandwich bags with anything from robots to fish.

8. The Dad Who Loves Halloween (& His Kid)

Being a mere 6 months old, baby Geraint is much too young and small to go trick-and-treating.

Ryan didn’t want his son to miss out on the celebrations though so he thought up a costume that would allow Geraint to go out trick-or-treating, in style. Lo behold, the Sunder mech costume Ryan built for his son. 

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