Top 10 Epic Photoshopped Pictures That Have Fooled the Whole World

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Media outlets have been fooled again by a joke photo long in circulation into believing that a Photoshopped picture of an innocent Sikh Canadian was one of the Paris attackers.

We’re not surprised at the news because this is not the first time photoshoped pictures have all went viral at some point and many people believed they were real.

Check out our roundup of the Top 10 most popular photos that were used to trick us.

10. Hurricane Irene

After Hurricane Irene struck Puerto Rico, a photo of shark swimming in a flooded street surfaced and it went viral. 

It was later determined that the shark was from an Africa Geographic photo from 2005. Shame on you.

9. Hurricane Sandy over Statue of Liberty

This photo of storm clouds swirling around Lady Liberty is fake. 

The image was created by using photographer and storm chaser Mike Hollingshead’s photo of a supercell in Nebraska. 

This image was shared on social media shortly after Superstorm Sandy hit New York City, and spread like wildfire. We bet you thought that was real.

8. Michelle Obama's dress

When "Argo" received an Academy Award for Best Picture, the First Lady of The United States Michelle Obama appeared on television via satellite to announce the award wearing a sleeveless dress. 

Networks in Iran aired a still image of her with sleeves added. According to image forensics company Four and Six her dress was "deemed a transgression by Iranian authorities, so they modified the photo to give her sleeves and a more modest neckline."

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