Top 10 Epic Moments in Naruto

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Memorable moments in Naruto seem to be few and far between.

But no matter how you feel about the show, we can agree that it has had its share of epic moments. 

Well the following list provides the top 10 epic moments in Naruto to prove that point.

10. Elder Chiyo's Death

9. One Thousand Years Of Pain

8. Gai Fashion advice

7. Rock Lee's Drunken Fist

6 .Sasuke vs Itachi

5. Rock Lee and Gai opening the Gates

4. Naruto vs Kabuto

3. Rock Lee Vs Gaara

2. Kakashi vs Gai

1. Jiraiya shows his colours

Of course if you disagree, we can pretend it was all some Sharingan technique!


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