Top 10 Dumbest Celebrity Tattoo That'll Make Your Day

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Celebrities love to express themselves through tattoos. While some get normal, standard tattoos other celebrities really push the envelope with theirs. 

Here are the Top 10 dumbest celebrity tattoos out there today, but still better than the craziest tattoos from Venezuela Tattoo International Expo.

10.Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson might be from NYC, but she has a California-esque beach sunset tattooed on her left arm. But, with the bright colors and circular shape, we can’t help be reminded of a Care Bear tummy. 

9.David Beckham 

Football player David Beckham has misspelt his wife's name on one of his latest tattoos. The tattoo on his left forearm is incorrect, spelling Victoria with an added "h" as Vihctoria. 

8.Hayden Panettiere


Hayden Panettiere’s vertical back tattoo was intended to spell out “To live without regrets” in Italian, but unfortunately for her, her tattoo artist had a minor snafu. The tattoo is slightly misspelled with an extra “i” in “rimipianti” instead of the correct “rimpianti.” Talk about regrets.  

7.Justin Bieber


Remember how we said portrait tattoos rarely turn out well? Well, that applies even when the face in question is Jesus's. It's not about the subject, it's more about placement this time around.

6.Chris Brown 

While Chris Brown's already-infamous neck tattoo is his oddest to date, his entire chest area is also, um, a lot. 



Eve is walking around with a slightly unusual tattoo on her chest that she got as the result of a dare; which begs the question is Eve an adult or a 12 year old at a slumber party?  

Doing stupid things on a dare is one thing; having something permanent done to your body on a dare is another altogether. As a result, Eve is now walking around with a tattooed paw print on her chest. She has come to accept that this crazy tattoo is now a part of her and it seems like she enjoys having it. 

4.Johnny Depp 

Once upon a time Johnny Depp was very much in love with actress Winona Ryder. After the break up, Depp's Winona Forever tattoo became Wino Forever. 

3.Lil Wayne


Listen. We get that face tattoos are a "thing," and when done right they can work. But if you're going to permanently mark your money maker, we suggest going for a look that feels a little less random than Lil Wayne's tats. 


This may shock you but the flower wings on Cher's bum are not the craziest things she's worn. The butterfly and flowers were tattooed by Bob Roberts of Sunset Tattoo in Los Angeles in 1972.  

Many of her concert outfits during the 80s left these tattoos visible, and a notable appearance on the David Letterman show in 1991 with former musical partner Sonny Bono became known for the fact that Mr. Letterman was faced with these flowers during their performance.  

Her music video for the song "If I Could Turn Back Time" featured a body stocking outfit made primarily of mesh that let anyone who'd missed the tattoos before take a good look.  


Yes, that is a giant tattoo of Jackass's Steve-O … on Steve-O's own back. "Yeah dude, I rock" is one way of putting it...

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