Top 10 Dream Wanted Air Jordans of All Time

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What does a limited edition Air Jordan mean to a teenager? Jawaad Jabbar put his life on risk to get one.

Nothing is more precious than life, but one thing we have to admit is, these top 10 coolest Air Jordans of all time is every boy's dream wanted.

10. Jordan 1

This list starts with the inaugural Jordans, the Jordan 1s.

When Michael Jordan first began wearing these shoes in the eighties, David Stern banned them because the colour-way was red and black and had no white (pause?). Jordan persisted, and the league fined him every game he laced up his red and blacks.

Since Jordan wore these on court, the shoe has become massively popular and today has the most colour-ways of any Jordan.

9. Jordan 6

The Jordan 6 is a special shoe for a couple of reasons.

Jordan won his first championship in 1991 while wearing Jordan 6s. The 1991 championship was important for Jordan in that he showcased his skills against Magic Johnson and the Lakers.

The Jordan 6 continues to be popular amongst Jordan collectors and it comes in a variety of colour-ways ranging from “Oreo” (black and white) to “Infrared” (black and red).

8. Jordan 8

Though the Jordan 8 is a bulkier and thus heavier shoe than its predecessors, the shoe also gives wearers a good deal of foot and ankle support.

Thus, the Jordan 8 can still be used for its original purpose, though it’s prohibitively heavy.

Back in his early, high-flying days, Kobe Bryant wore a pair with the Lakers colour-way, and every now and then NBA players decide to lace up a pair.

7. Jordan 5

Although the Jordan 5 is a bulky shoe, and Jordan did not win a championship while wearing a pair, the shoe wins points in the swag department.

As with most single-digit Jordans, the Jordan 5 has been re-released in a host of colour-ways, ranging from clean and demure to loud and flamboyant.

2013 was the year of the Jordan 5, so fiendish sneaker heads might be able to find their favourite colour-way, if they’re willing to shell out a bit extra to get them.

6. Jordan 7

The Jordan 7 is a classic basketball shoe, as MJ wore a pair throughout the 1992 Olympics, when he and the Dream Team showcased their superior skills in front of an international audience.

Lighter than its successor, the Jordan 7 will not fare too well if used to play basketball, but its various colour-ways and sole designs have engendered a good deal of fanfare.

The Raptors colour-way of this shoe, also known as “Charcoal,” is one of the most sought after pairs of Jordans—period.

5. Jordan 12

The Jordan 12 remains popular today because of its combination of style and usability as a basketball shoe.

Memorably, Jordan wore this shoe during his now-legendary performance against the Utah Jazz, when he lit the team up in the Finals despite suffering from flu-like symptoms.

The “Flu Game” will be remembered for some time, but there was nothing sickly about the shoes Jordan wore that night.

As intimated above, the Jordan 12 is a remarkably durable shoe that NBA stars and amateurs alike continue to play in today.

4. Jordan 3

The Jordan 3 exemplifies the bifurcated way in which an athlete both generates fanfare for a shoe and has nothing to do with its popularity.

MJ’s most iconic image is, perhaps, his dunk from the free-throw line in the 1988 Dunk Competition, in which he wore a pair of 3s.

As long as basketball is played, this image will last, and, by extension, so will the shoes.

3. Jordan 13

Released in the late nineties, the Jordan 13 is a classy shoe that offers good support as a basketball shoe and flashiness as a piece of fashion.

NBA stars continue to wear this shoe in game, and Ray Allen broke the NBA record for 3-pointers in a career while wearing these shoes.

Spike Lee, however, put this shoe on the map, when he put it in his film, He Got Game.

The first thing Denzel Washington’s character does when he gets out of prison is cop himself a pair of 13s. His character dramatizes that satisfying affect of buying the latest pair of Jordans.

2. Jordan 4

The Jordan 4 is one of the freshest shoes to wear—period.

MJ, of course, dominated while wearing 4s, and he wore them when he hit his famous shot over Craig Ehlo in the 1989 playoffs.

MJ’s celebration, though, is the most memorable part of his performance against the Cleveland Cavaliers that night, as he demonstratively celebrated his game-winning shot, leaping and fist pumping the air.

But, as is his wont, Spike Lee immortalized this shoe in his film, Do the Right Thing.

1. Jordan 11

Two words: patent leather.

Indeed, the Jordan 11 is one of the prettiest shoes; it screams money.

Like the Clarks Desert Boot and the Sperry Boat Shoe, the Jordan 11 is one of those eternally fashionable shoes.

Twenty-first century editions of Jay Gatsby have probably copped a few pairs just for their image’s sake. Although it officially released when MJ was busy playing baseball, he would later wear the Jordan 11 to close out his legendary career as a Chicago Bull.


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