Top 10 Disgusting Things You Can't Eat, But Bear Grylls Can

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If you don't know Bear Grylls, you probably know his TV series "Man vs. Wild."

There would be no one better to have by your side if you were stranded in a burning desert or a dangerous jungle. Bear Grylls is also known for his capability to eat almost anything that a normal human being cannot.

10. Eat a living snake

Only once, Grylls says, has he eaten something on the show that made a director vomit. That's a "burger patty" made of crickets, grasshoppers, and praying mantises. But the director had no problem with this?

9. Eat a raw crab

Most of you must have had a cooked crab, but how about a raw one? Can you eat a crab raw? We can't, but Bear Grylls can.

8. Eat a yak's eyeball

In Siberia, Grylls encountered a frozen yak carcass, which is a fortuitous food source. Without a fire to defrost the yak's meat, Grylls carved and ate the beast's eyeball.

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