Top 10 Cutest Japanese Female Cartoon Character Figures

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Yeah, the Dragon's Crown characters don't really work out all the well in toy form. At least the Amazon anyway.

Thankfully, there's a bunch of other cartoon related toys that look great. They are super sexy at the same time they are very cute.

Now let me show you the Top 10 awesome looking cute Japanese female cartoon figures here.

10. Sayaka 

Here in Japan, Sayaka is a popular girl name. I even have two of my best friends who named after Sayaka. 

The Sayaka you see here is a fictional Japanese female character appeared in a manga and anime series called Puella Magi Madoka Magica. 

Look guys, she is holding a sword here, don’t tease her please!

9. Haruhi Suzumiya 

OMG! She looks like she just lost her job or did not pass any exams he had appeared before. 

While Madoka Kaname looks surprising, Haruhi sounds real cute creepy. 

Sometimes one appearance in picture does not tell everything about what she really is. In fact, she is a cute little girl having so many thoughts in her mind. 

She can’t be annoying to you rather be a fine girl that your are looking for decade.

8. Madoka Kaname 

Is this going to be the cutest Japanese female fictional character? I bet you! Some of you would thing so as I do. 

I think I won’t act as a mad guy naming it as the most cutest cartoon characters in Japan who is widely known as Madoka Kaname. 

“Hi dear, how are you?” – Oh she is asking you that, not me! 

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