Top 10 Cute Fun Tech Gadgets to Make Your Life Happier

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Gadgets are invented to make our life easier, like the Power Pen, or at least a little more interesting. As the result, in the name of innovating new products, some geeks have come out with products that you can only laugh at.

It was also fun for us while compiling the list of the Top 10 cute fun tech gadgets to present them before you. Have fun.

10.Pet camera

Do you want to know what your pet does during a day? Does your dog or cat really play, sleep? Maybe, it has a party each time you leave home? You may easily check this afterwards with the help of a pet camera priced only $27.

Simply attach the gadget to your dog’s collar, and set the timer to take a shot every 1, 5 or 15 minutes.

9.Gun Computer Mouse

If you feel that pointing and clicking with your ordinary mouse isn’t that charming in the first person shooter games, you can grab this mouse. Shoot your enemies by clicking the trigger of this mouse gun.

8.Foot tanner

Are there any people who can’t show up at the beach with white feet? There should be some, otherwise we wouldn’t have such a wonderful gadget! The foot tanner costs only $229, but promises that you will have constantly tanned feet any time of year.

7.Head massager

Everyone loves massage. Head massages are particularly lovely, but a giant head-massaging helmet, equipped with 29 silicon and 34 ceramic balls, looks more than weird. I’d be scared to put my head into such a device!

6.Gangster CD Stereo Sneakers

Yes folks, we live in a really really geeky world where people does not only think of a crazy gadget like this but also turn them into reality.

The Gangster CD Stereo Sneaker is a sneaky way to play your favorite tracks. Resembling the looks of a shoe, the stereo sneaker can intake CDs and blast out music.

5.Flying Alarm Clock

Are you one of the people who press the snooze button and oversleep? I have the perfect remedy to cure that problem! Enter the Flying Alarm Clock!

When the alarm goes off, the top propeller driven rotor starts to spin and flies off into the air landing on the other side of your bedroom. The alarm is like a siren and WILL wake you up. The best bit is that the siren will not stop until you retrieve the top propeller and slot it back into the alarm clock.

You are not convinced it will wake you up? Check out the video!

4.Talking Lips

This device clips onto any land line or mobile phone and adds hands-free speakerphone capabilities, but the best part is that it also includes a pair of animated lips that move in sync with the other person talking.

No matter who you are talking to from then on, it will always seem that you are talking with a weird female duck-bot thing that mimics the voices of those you know and love.

3.Uno Motorbike

Built by Ben J. Poss Gulak, it’s an electric vehicle having  just one control —a power switch— and everything else is done by leaning, which must make for one hell of an adrenaline-packed ride. The Uno’s speed is controlled by how far you lean forward or back.

2.iPod toilet dock

If you want to listen to music in every moment of your life, this gadget is for you. Conveniently installed over any toilet paper roll holder, this dock ensures that only pleasant sounds will be heard from your lavatory.

1.Private Laptop Viewer

Have you ever wanted some privacy while using your computer?  Have you ever been in a public space where anyone can look over your shoulder and steal your idea for the next brilliant blog post? 

But most importantly, have you ever been using your computer and had the nagging feeling that, while you enjoy using your computer, it would be so much better if you could look like a molting mutant Muppet while doing so?  Well, now here’s your chance.

These aren’t made to be sold, but are rather for some sort of artistic vision.

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