Top 10 Creepiest True Stories Behind Movie Scenes

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Usually when people describe “horror stories” from a film set, they mean that there was a scheduling problem, a lot of arguing on set, or perhaps a mechanical malfunction.

But sometimes it goes much farther than that. Sometimes things happen that seem suitable for what we’d consider a literal horror story.

And though many items on this list are the stuff of film urban legends, they happen to be true.

Here are 10 creepiest true stories behind movie scenes,make you horror.

10. Dau


Dau was, as of 2011, a project that had broken down in a sense, though that’s not to say filming stopped.

What happened instead was director Ilya Khrzhanovsky turned this intended film tribute to Nobel-Prize winner Lev Landau into an insanely over-immersive act of “method” cultism.

The cast and crew were required to dress in mid-20th-century Russian clothing to match the time period of the film; they weren’t allowed to have cell phones or anything else so modern.

9. Eraserhead


Eraserhead is well known for being enigmatic and creepy.

It’s a story of a loser everyman (Henry Spencer) in a bizarre setting who experiences strange visions while fathering an even stranger child that doesn’t look remotely human.

But it’s what you might expect from David Lynch if you’ve heard anything about him and much milder than you’d expect after you hear the sorts of things he was up to behind the scenes.

Given the appearance of the object, the budget, the skin textures, and the fact it’s so articulated that its eyes will close vertically, the leading theory is that it’s a preserved calf fetus.

8. Noah


Celebrity stalkers are nothing new. But one that went after Emma Watson during the shoot for Noah was more aggressive than most.

During the shoot, Emma Watson decided to go off in the woods near the location of the shoot.

While she was there, a stalker that she recognized from outside her home appeared.

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