Top 10 Creepiest and Weirdest Dolls Ever Made

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After a campaign for ‘greater diversity in the toybox’ went viral on social media, Makies has created a new range of dolls with disabilities.

Yes, this is magically wonderful. But all dolls, they are not made the same. Like the following 10 dolls targeted to kids that are just plain bizarre, or are so terrifying, they could very well traumatize you and your children.

10. Shaving Ken

90% of kids who play with Ken dolls are girls, and really, how many girls want to shave Ken's face? I'm sure this didn't end up on many a X-mas list.

9. Little Miss No Name

Little Miss No Name - the pan handling doll - was produced in 1965 and was discontinued soon after.

8. Japanese Child Birth Doll

This is an example of a 19th century doll from Japan that was used to demonstrate the process of child birth, and no little girls were not playing with these…at least hope they weren't.

7. Breast Feeding Doll

This breast feeding doll has caused all sort of controversy. The doll is for little girls to pretend they are doing something that is very natural, breast feeding. But many are creeped out by the concept.

6. Japanese Shaving Doll

Yup, another shaving doll. But this one? Yeah, it's super weird!

5. Handicapped Dolls

The thought of these dolls is very sweet, especially for kids who themselves are handicapped. But there is something in the execution of these two that read more creepy than comforting.

4.Psycho Scene Doll

Madame Alexander actually produced this doll to depict one of the most famous murder scenes ever filmed.

3. Childbirth Doll

This handmade childbirth doll comes complete with umbilical cord placenta.

2.Doll With Horns

It may very well eat you. With horns included.

1. Three-Faced- Doll

This three-faced- doll was the one that inspired the post. It belongs to Tammie V. who told us her husband has been afraid of this doll for twenty years, and she has had it for about 41 years. 

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