Top 10 Crazy People Who Changed Their Bodies to Look Like Fictional Characters

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The human body is a wonderful thing, but some people just aren’t satisfied walking around in what God gave them. 

Instead, they’re undergoing a wide variety of procedures to transform themselves into the figures of myth and legend — or, in the case of these people, pop culture.

From Superman to cartoon characters to children’s toys, these Top 10 individuals won’t stop until they’ve gone beyond humanity.

10. The Incredible Hulk

The incredibly overinflated muscles we see in superhero comics just aren’t attainable by ordinary human beings, no matter how much you can squat. 

Bodybuilders have been turning to human growth hormone and other less-than-savory solutions for a while, but Brazilian Roberto Dos Santos Alves took it to a whole new level. 

Inspired by the Incredible Hulk, Roberto injected a mixture of oil and alcohol into his biceps to increase their size to gamma-irradiated levels. 

The end result is absolutely horrifying, and thankfully Dos Santos Alves has decided to move away from such extreme measures in his quest for a superhero body.

9. Barbie

The way the media portrays the ideal female body can really screw up your brain. 

Case in point: Sarah Burge, a fifty-something mother of three who has had over a hundred different operations to look like Mattel’s blonde fashion doll Barbie. 

The wasp-waisted Barbie has long been criticized for perpetrating unrealistic expectations, but Burge doesn’t care about all that. 

She had her first surgery at the age of seven and recently came under some criticism for giving her eight-year-old daughter a voucher for breast augmentation.

8. Ken

Well, we already had a Barbie, so why not a Ken too? Roberto Alves is a Brazilian flight attendant who wants nothing more from life than to look like Mattel’s curiously groinless male fashion doll. 

Alves has spent almost $170,000 on surgeries over the last few years, including jaw liposuction, calf shaping, and pec implants. 

His obsession with looking like a living doll nearly killed him in 2014, when a gel injected into his arms became infected and he almost lost the limb. 

He’s in therapy for his obsession, but readily admits he’ll probably have more surgeries.

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