Top 10 Crazy Japanese Game Shows That Make No Sense But Funny to Watch

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These Japanese game shows are getting more and more cockamamie.

The latest crazy stunt to go viral features two competitors attempt to blow a cockroach into each other's mouth. We have to admit that this one goes straight to our hidden little drawer of nightmarish things we never, ever want to see again.

But there are also some insane Japanese game shows that will make you think WTF while you LOL!

10. No more floor!


What would you do if the floor disappeared and you were plunged into a bottomless pit of hell?

9. Wall of boxes!


Absolutely terrified contestants helplessly sit on a giant wall of boxes while random characters try to break it down. The totally confused guys don’t stand a chance.

8. Slippery stairs!


In this strange competition the contestants must save two elderly people. Their task is made a little more difficult by some soapy slippery stairs.

7. Mellow marshmallow!


Re-enacted on the Ellen show, this epic battle to bite a marshmallow is absolutely hilarious.

6. Dead meat!

The aim of the game is to run for your life while a giant creature chases you.

5. Shower girl!


The aim of the game is to remove the numbered blocks that cover up a girl in the shower. However they weren’t going to make it too easy. Watch these guys struggle to see some boob:

4. Stinky undies!


Every time this guy gets an answer wrong, his team member's ass moves slightly closer to his face until he ends up kissing it. 

3. Hole-in-one!

We can't even begin to explain this one.

2. Into the Balls


Some Japanese game shows are a little painful to take part in, but still funny or at least competitive. 

For this show, you wonder why contestants would sign up at all. Five men stand on platforms and take it in turn to be hit in the balls by a lever that springs up below them. Surely there's more to it, you ask? Well, no, there really isn't. 

1. Clothes Peg Bra Removal Challenge


One wonders who comes up with such wierd games as this. The contestant stands opposite a girl who's bra has strings attached to clothes pegs. 

The clothes pegs are then attached to the contestants mouth, nose and ears, and he must pull backwards as hard as he can to remove the girls bra.

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