Top 10 Crazy Celebrity Fans of NBA Teams

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The NBA season is getting underway and fans of basketball will be flocking to NBA stadiums to catch their favorite star players in action. As Kevin Garnett thanks his fans by giving away the tickets, we count down the top 10 celebrity fans of NBA teams.

10. Gabrielle Union - Miami Heat

Gabrielle Union
After dating Dwyane Wade for four years, Gabrielle Union has made her claim into the NBA world. The actress attends most Miami Heat games, that was even during the pre-LeBron and post-Shaq era.

9. Jessica Alba - Golden State Warriors

Jessica Alba
She's frequented games, and has worn a "We Believe" shirt. Owner Joe Lacob will inevitably give her a run for her money though.

8. Will Smith - Philadelphia 76ers

Will Smith
The Fresh Prince is part owner of the Philadelphia Sixers, born and raised in West Philadelphia.

7. Justin Timberlake - Memphis Grizzlies

Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake is part-owner of the Grizzlies and he and his wife Jessica Biel frequent games together.

6. Drake - Toronto Raptors

Growing up in the Canadian hip hop scene, before moving to the States permanently, Drake was a diehard Raptors fans. This is when Tracy McGrady, Alvin Williams, and Vince Carter blessed the hardwood in Toronto.

5. Barack Obama - Chicago Bulls

Barack Obama
Definitely the most visible Chicago Bulls fan, day in and day out.

4. Jay-Z - Brooklyn Nets

Jay-Z was among the owners to push the New Jersey franchise to Brooklyn, and gave the organization a brand new look. Add his beautiful wife Beyonce to the formula, and there’s no doubt that Jay-Z is one of the most influential celebrities associated with the NBA.

3. Billy Crystal - Los Angeles Clippers

Billy Crystal
There’s no doubt that Billy Crystal was one of the few fans of the Clippers that stuck around for as long as he did. Why did Crystal pick the Clippers over the Lakers? The answer is simple: the underdog effect.

2. Spike Lee - New York Knicks

Spike Lee
How can anyone forget the guy who wears a Knicks jersey, hat, or jacket to every game at MSG. No other Knicks fan comes close to Spike Lee, who at this point is just the Knicks' unofficial mascot.

1. Jack Nicholson - Los Angeles Lakers

Was there any doubt that Jack would be at the top of the list? Nicholson sits courtside at Lakers games, no matter how their season is going. Although he isn’t dressed up like Spike Lee, his loyalty to the team cannot be questioned.

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