Top 10 Craziest Things the Internet Has Done to Disney Princesses So Far

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3. Disney Princesses as Rape Victims

Why it was made: Not entirely sure why these two topics had to be combined, but one artist decided to raise awareness of victims of sexual assault by creating the "Pr incest Diaries."

2. Disney Princesses as Other Races

Why it was done: Most of the Disney princesses were white until they weren't for a while and now there are some new white ones on the scene with Frozen and the like. 

This project must have been a way to transcend the racial construct by reappropriating its definitions in a way that is most recognizable because of its context (readily recalled pieces of pop culture). Or it was just fun to jumble everything together. 

The artist, TT, who created these images said that she did it just for fun. That's cool too, I guess.

1. Disney Princesses as Victims of Domestic Violence

Why it was made: The same artist that created the "Pr incest Diaries" created the series "Happily Never After," depicting princesses after having been beaten by, one would assume, their princes. 

The results are jarring, and don't exactly address the complex reality of domestic violence, but it's certainly memorable.

Well done, Internet!

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