Top 10 Craziest Things that Fans Did for Their Idols

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We’ve seen fans go to outrageous lengths to show their dedication to their idols.

Some bleach their eyebrows (i.e. Miley Cyrus’ Smilers); some cut their hair (i.e. Justin Bieber’s Beliebers); heck, there’s one teenager even change his own surname(i.e. Cristiano Ronaldo’s superfan Shanta Ronaldo).

But as far as extremes go, these people take the cake…

10. Deluged a London hotel with 2000 fake calls

Justin Bieber fans made more than 2000 phone calls to the London hotel where the Canadian pop star was staying during his visit to Britain. 

The fans, dubbed the “Beliebers,” attempted to use names of the singer's relatives and his friends from home while one even claimed to be his personal stripper. 

It was claimed that due to the deluge of fan calls the hotel, located next to Kensington Palace, was forced to change its phone number after lines were jammed. 

9. Stole a microphone from Lady Gaga

You have to love this Lady Gaga fan, who, having been invited to share the stage in a kind gesture by the pop star, proceeds to make the stage her own. 

At around the 3:16 mark, she gives up all pretense of sharing the mic with Gaga and gives it a full go.

8. Tweeted Ashley Tisdale 18,888 times

Ashley Tisdale had the right to freak out when a obsessed fan tweeted her almost 19,000 times and afterwards showed up at her home. 

The tweets are pretty creepy with tweets suggesting they have a relationship.

For example:

“Let it all out on me u can have my heart put a lock on it throw away the key & my soul is yours to keep.”

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